John Bosley guardianship papers

(These articles were typed in exactly as they appear in the original documents. No attempt has been made to correct spelling or punctuation. Question marks (?) have been added where the document was impossible to read. )

(Front of Document)
John Bosley guardian of his children
Filed and approved
August 7th 1844
Thomas E. Hatcher)

(Back of Document) John Bosley Sen. moves the court to appoint
him guardian curator of Sally Ann Davis and
Mary Jane Davis infant children of
his daughter the late Nancy Davis Dec. (deceased) and
to appoint him guardian curator of
Henry Bosley infant child of his son Josh
Bosley Dec. (deceased) and to appoint him guardian of
Mary Sucena Bosley infant
daughter of said John Bosley Sen. all of
which said infants are not competent to choose
guardians for themselves being under 16 years
of age.
(signed) John Bosley Sen.

Document # 560
Marion County Court House
Palmyra, MO

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