Dr. John Bosley inventory of heirs

John Bosley Sr. inventory of heirs

(These articles were typed in exactly as they appear in the original documents. No attempt has been made to correct spelling or punctuation. Question marks (?) have been added where the document was impossible to read.)

State of Missouri,
Marion County,      Be it remembered that
on this eighth day of Sept. A.D. 1849, Before me
Thos. Hatcher clerk of the county court in and for said
county, personally came Clement White.
Who makes oath that the deceased died without any will
as he believes and left the following heirs to wit.
John Bosley Jr., Mary Bosley, Jamias T. Bosley, Mildred Bosley, Sally
Davis and Mary Jane Davis, in Marion County,
Missouri and the child of Joshua Bosley residing in Texas
the county unknown.      That he will make
a perfect inventory of and faithfully administer all
the Estate of the deceased, and pay the debts as far as
the assets will extend and the law direct and ac-
count for and pay all assets which shall come to his
possession or knowledge
Subscribed and sworn to
before me the day and year
afore said                         (signed) Clement White
Thomas C. Hatcher Clerk

File document #102
Marion County Court House
Palmyra, MO

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