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After Anna's death William Chartran took in Elizabeth born August 14, 1883, Anna's second child, who was about 14 years old at the time. They felt that "Elizie" could keep house for him and it would be one less mouth for Joseph and Agnes to feed and care for. Elizie went with William back to Canada but after a short time she became very ill. The doctor told William that he should take her back to her family in Marine City because she was very homesick and could die. It was a terrible time for Elizie to have lost her father, her mother and to be removed from the rest of her family in such a short time. She promised her uncle, if he would take her back to Marine City, she would return to him when she was 16 years old. William agreed and took her to Joseph and Agnes. Elizie kept her promise and returned to her Uncle William when she was sixteen. Surprisingly, in that rural Canadian village there was quite a social life for the young people. Picnics and dances and Uncle William didn't care how often or how late she stayed at the dances, as long as she was up the next day early to set the bread and tend the house. Elizie would later tell her nieces that she would sometimes set her bread and then line three chairs in front of the stove so she could sleep and still keep watch on the bread. She was awakened from her nap one morning by a knocking on the window. She looked up to see her younger sister Hattie, peering in the window. Hattie came over on the ferry so she could share in all the dances and fun! Elizabeth met a man named Charles DeMars in Canada and married him in 1901. They moved to 184 South Belle River Ave. in Marine City and had three children: Edward (who became a priest), Earl, and Charles.


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