Map of Cushcreek
Montgomery Twp., Indiana Co., Pa.

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Indiana Co.

At left, map of Indiana County, Pa., with highlighted area showing Montgomery Township, below left. Below is detail map of area around Amos Powell's property in Cushcreek in Montgomery Township.

Cushcreek, Powells
Montgomery Twp.


Written in the book "INDIANA COUNTY -- 175 ANNIVERSARY HISTORY" Volume 5, by Clarence D. Stephenson:

"Cush Creek, Montgomery & Banks Twps., flows N.-N.E. into Clearfield Co. and discharges into the Susquehanna West Branch.

"Cush Creek Village (also spelled Cushcreek) was a post office in Banks Twp. S.W. of Arcadia, opened Feb. 28, 1890, Amos D. Powell postmaster; closed Apr. 14, 1906. Noted on Smith & Crawford map 1909, a short distance N.W. of Bowdertown."

Written in "1745-1880 History of Indiana County Penn'a. Published by J.A. Caldwell, Newark, Ohio, 1880." (Reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, Mass. 01970) page 244.


The Pine Grove church of the Wesleyan Methodist connection of America was organized near Gettysburg, by Rev. R. S. Ensign, in 1848.

The following names comprised the first organization: Samuel Rank, Mary Ann Rank, George Rank, Jesse Thomas and Sarah Thomas. All of them are now dead but George Rank, who still lives to be a useful member of the church, which at the present time has about twenty-four members.

This congregation has a good substantial church building, in which they meet statedly for public worship. The house and lot on which it stands are valued at about $1,500. There is also a good Sabbath school of about thirty scholars, of which George Rank is the superintendent. ..."


John Powell (1794-1887) owned a Cooper Shop (Barrel maker) was also know to be a wagon maker and stone mason, in Cushcreek. He was the father of Amos Powell (1842-1919) a merchant, blacksmith and postmaster in Cushcreek.

Wilson Powell (born 1826), also the son of John Powell, owned a farm next door to his brother-in-law George Rank and down the road from his other brother-in-law Cyrus P. Rank.

George Rank is noted as being one of the original founders of the Pine Grove Weslyan Methodist church. (marked on the map as "PINE GROVE W.M. Ch.") All of the baptisms for the church were performed in a pond on the property of Amos Powell.

You will find many surnames on the map that married into the Powell family or have been found as friends on family documents; Spicher, Lydick, Thompson, Trimble, Clark, Bowder, Bostick, Barkey and Rankin.