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Spacer The Great and Powerful Guzz
Circa 1976
He was legal, but would you serve this baby face?
The Golf Guzzler is the "nom de links" of a south-central Michigan golfer, incognito to all but those who recognize his picture. He took on the Guzzler persona shortly after realizing his luck on the links was owed more to his vast knowledge of the affects of beer on his game than to any skill at the grand sport of golf. Given this epiphany, the Guzzler decided it was time to share his knowledge with the online world.

Among the Guzzler's honors and noteworthy references are:

Beer site logo

  • Featured in the August 2000 edition of Maximum Golf magazine.
  • Listed in "300 Incredible Things for Golfers on the Internet," by Ken Leebow.
  • Listed as a notable "wacky golf site" by Barron's magazine.
  • Chosen as a sports site of the month for August 1997 by The Web magazine.
  • Named to Yahoo! Internet Life's "Personal Hotlist" for August 1998.
  • Referred to as "definitely a case of arrested development" in "Sports Illustrated's" golf links list.
  • Mentioned in "Shwing" magazine.
So, pop open a cold one, get a tight grip on your putter, and learn how to properly lubricate yourself for what Mark Twain called "a good walk spoiled" and what the Guzz calls "a good walk, oiled."
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